FRP Bus Body Parts

FRP Bus and Truck front end Cowl. Improves aesthetics and facilitates air flow.

 FRP Pultruded Grating

Pultruded Gratings for pathways and platforms. Assembled with pultruded Load bearing “T” or “I” sections and retaining solid round sections. Takes very good loads and gives long life. Resists corrosion due to chemicals and resists rusting due to moisture or outdoor applications.

 FRP Suction Ducts

FRP Engine Bonnet is well received due to its low heat conducting feature. Takes extreme vibration loads, without cracking. Can be contoured to odd shapes, to position into intricate locations.

 FRP Industrial Cover

Parts with unique requirements and design can be very well developed in FRP with LRTM process. Consistent contour and thickness are well achieved.

 FRP Dash boards

The contour and shape can be matched to the bus body shape and curvature.

 FRP Fan Shroud

FRP radiator shroud. Effectively controls the air flow and makes the radiator cooling effective.

 FRP Hood

FRP Hood Cover for IC engines and machines. Withstands heat and strong enough to walk over the hood.

FRP Battery Cover

FRP Battery Cover moulded with LRTM process. Gives excellent inside and outside finish with good thickness control. Used to cover the Battery terminals. Protects other part of equipments from battery acids.

 FRP Meter Board

FRP Meter boards for trucks and utility vehicles. Ready to fix the instrument cluster to the embedded nuts.

FRP Conveyor Buckets

FRP conveyor buckets to transfer moulding sand in continuous casting units. Due to its high abrasion resistance quality the FRP buckets are preferred over metal ones.

FRP Shield

FRP shield used in places to cover. Gives aesthetic look and also made to fit the contour.

FRP Trays

FRP trays for plantation. The trays are strong to hold the soil and water loads yet light in weight. Can be easily shifted from place to place. Floor is neat and clean as there is no leakage or seepage. Long life under wet conditions.


FRP Pultruded Sections

FRP pultruded sections are used to fabricate hand rails. The high voltage equipments are covered with pultruded sections due to its electrically non conductive property.

FRP Moulded Grating

FRP moulded gratings are used to cover industrial platforms, pathways, gangways and in places where metals get corrode or     rust due to chemical or moisture or temperature cycles.

FRP Conveyor Hood Cover

FRP conveyor hood cover with two inspection doors. Effectively covers and preferred over chemical environment to withstand      corrosion.