Started in the year of 1987, Fibretuff Products India Private Limited. has grown continuously and now capable of delivering world class FRP parts. With years of experience in FRP molding and understanding the behaviors of end products, we shall design the part and the suitable process to ensure that the part meets the functional requirements and performs for years and years. We have developed many FRP parts as import substitution. These parts are tested and tried for many years to the satisfaction of the customers.

Technical strength, commitment for quality and competitive prices are the key factors of our growth. The life cycle of any FRP part depends on the design of part, selection of suitable process and selection of appropriate resin and glass reinforcements. Fixing of metal parts and fasteners to FRP material need to be given extra care with modifications of add on parts, so that the bonding is permanent and does not give up. The development of any part is systematically done with documentation. Each part is documented for its process and any failure or complaint is analyzed with the root cause to implement corrective measures. Systematic in process quality checking and final quality checking makes our rating on rejection PPM very low. We are ccertified with ISO 9001:2000 for the manufacture of FRP moulded components.

We have human and financial resources to take up project works and heavy FRP installations. FRP molding is labor intensive to some extent and execution of project works or maintaining the time line for scheduled supplies is really a matter of concern. We have good team of molders and labor force to meet this challenge. Infrastructure include spacious industrial shed and open land located on the national high way, machineries for RTM and Pultrusion processes, CNC router for pattern development and component finishing and quality control instruments. We have strong financial management which makes the going smooth.

Technically shall provide consultancy on design and development of FRP parts and take up challenging jobs for developments or import substitutions. We shall extend free consultancy on replacing existing metal parts for a FRP part with design improvement. We shall render our services in controlling your problems with corrosion and erosion very effectively by giving solutions with FRP products. Many conventional metal parts are converted into FRP parts with many functional advantages. The FRP Hood Cover designed to replace metal hood covers for conveyor belts, have many functional advantages like corrosion free, no need for periodical painting, light weight, and effectiveness in protection. Our development activities include techno commercial feasibility report, part design, proto sample, pilot batch and then standardizatio We assure our best at all times.